Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Annual Update?!

Wow it's been nearly a year since my last blog update.  You can rest assured though that the CORPS team hasn't been slacking, well maybe a little, but honestly we've made some huge developments both in our tooling and monitoring of CORPS (which helps us with the design processes) as well as additional new content.  I mean last time I wrote we were on CORPS 4.1.5 and as of this writting we will probably be wrapping up 4.2.7 at the end of June.

We are almost finished testing on our 2nd to last spell sphere, the Necromancer sphere and once we've signed off on testing we'll begin development on the final spell sphere we have in the works which will be the Archmage sphere.  Once those two are complete perhaps the single biggest hurdle (character spell spheres) will be complete.  Assuming I am not spending too much time on actual development and testing I will make sure to add a post to go into a little more detail of what all is involved in the spell sphere.  Until then happy CORPSing.