Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting into the specifics

One of the biggest things that had been holding me back from making a blog for a long time was the name. Yes, the name of the blog has always seemed an impossibly daunting task to me. It requires one to know what is going to be written long before thoughts or concepts of the to be written material ever existed. In this respect, the name for a blog would need to be vague. Something that is general enough to allow any random person the possibility of stumbling upon the blog and instantly get an idea of what is discussed on the site. Often it seems people decide to use their name as the blog site name but that, in my opinion, does an even worse job of describing the site to someone looking for a specific topic than a general topic. Lastly it seems there is the option of choosing a more specific topic, as I know some of my future posts will be taking a look at D&D 4th Edition. I could therefore name the site something along those lines. However I also know that not all of my topics will be related to that game. So would I be misinforming someone if I put a blog title of 'D&D 4e Fan' when I don't have every post dedicated to the game? I suppose people could just make a blog for each and every topic they decide to blog about. Someone could also have a main blog site with sub blog (specific titles and topics) linking back to it. I for one, at least at this point in time, don't see the need to go down that path yet. So for now I will just keep the general name of a blog site while writing about various specific topics.

Editorial Note: I have since decided that this blog, as the title might suggest will from now on be related to D&D 4th edition since it invariably ends up taking so much of my time.

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